I have never come across words which more aptly summarise my mission at The Riesling Revolutionary. I tip my hat to Hugh Johnson, wine writer and British institution, for describing for us just how magnificent and wondrous the Riesling grape can be: 

“There is an international freemasonry of Riesling drinkers.  We know  each other by signs non-initiates might miss, among which a slim green bottle (sometimes brown) is the most frequent.  We claim unique properties, magic powers almost, for this singular white grape. 

Not that there is so much competition.  Only Chardonnay comes close in quality – and without the crutch of oak, would Chardonnay be so interesting? Riesling alone makes pure wine, innocent of oak, feather-light through tense, dry and mineral-laden, to unctuous and creamy or to a piercing liquor like celestial marmalade.

Only Riesling can make wine of inconsiderable strength, a mere 7.5 alcoholic degrees, that drinks joyfully from birth and can put on flesh and flavours for twenty years.  This is its Moselle manifestation.  Only Riesling can ripen on dry Australian hills and emerge lime-fresh with pin sharp focus.  Only Riesling can grow to massive power and density on a rock ledge above the Danube or on the sunniest slopes of the Vosges, on a gamut of soils from limestone to marl, and keep its essential form and character, the nervous energy of its fruity acidity.”

Hugh Johnson OBE, Wine: A Life Uncorked